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We are ready to give you the best cycling experience from Sapporo!!











After traveling globally, has created his base in Hokkaido, Japan.  He has studied Adventure Tourism in Australia, and has been certified as a Rafting Guide. He has taken his acquired skills and international knowledge, and has been working as an outdoor guide in Japan and overseas.  Before he started Spark Cycling, and aside from his time as an Adventure Guide, he also trained and taught courses in Wilderness Alert First Aid.

He is in love with the beauty of Japan and is continually looking forward to sharing those secret trails, international allure and local culture with you.












l had been working as a designer for a car company for a long time.
As I was working as a designer, I enjoyed a variety of outdoor sports whenever I had spare time.
I believe that we can have much more fun in the nature when we use the mechanical equipments well.
I have learnt all my mechanical skills by playing and having fun with them.
When I was designing something, I used to look for an inspiration through the beauty of nature.
As I was becoming 50 years old, I realized that I wanted to discover and experience more in life with bicycles,
and that's when I decided to be a cycling guide.  I'm moving to Hokkaido to broaden the possibilities for the future.
Curiosity and action are the eternal vitality.
I am the oldest in the company, however I believe ages don't matter to have good time.
I am excited to show you and help you discover the best experience in Japan.

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